Welcome to Tactical Exercise Without Troops, a blog on war games and military history.

The purpose of this blog is to explore and evaluate opportunities to practice tactics through gaming, and to comment on matters of military history and the works that cover it.

To what end?

First, enjoyment. The kind of thinking required to analyze, plan and conduct military operations is uniquely absorbing. The emotional setting of armed conflict is uniquely resonant. War implies suffering and we do not endorse that, but we do endorse intellectual engagement with its challenges and emotional engagement with its narratives, honouring those who participated in it justly and its victims.

Second, to hone a skill against its day of need. It is the opinion of this author that conventional war between major powers remains possible. As such, it is appropriate that as many as are interested develop the skills it requires, so that they or those to whom they pass their knowledge are prepared for the tasks that will confront them.

It has been said that the officer prepares all his life for the single day of battle. We pray that war may never come. If it does not, we will not have spent our time amiss. If it does, we shall not find the sword of the mind dull in its sheath.